Hazel's Grandmother Portrait photo 

Preserving the Legacy: Grandma's Timeless Beauty in a High-Quality Print. 

Hazel, a customer entrusted me with a damaged portrait of her beloved grandmother as a young lady.  As you can see from this original photo, the damage of fading, tears and missing pieces.

With meticulous care I scanned the original photograph and reproduced the photo in Adobe Photoshop, restoring every delicate detail and preserving the essence of her grandmother's timeless beauty. 

Using a cutting-edge dye sublimation printing process, I crafted a stunning popular 6" x 4" print that radiates with clarity and vibrancy. 

To ensure longevity, I applied a high gloss protective coating, making it tear, smudge, and waterproof. 

This archival masterpiece is built to withstand the test of time, promising to grace Hazel's family for up to 100 years. 

Picture this: a beautiful 6" x 4" portrait nestled perfectly within a frame, adorning any home with its understated charm. Ideal for capturing cherished memories, this popular portrait size exudes a timeless elegance that fits seamlessly into any decor.