My JOURNEY- Photo Restoration & How I got Started

Welcome to my about me page, here you will learn more about my photo restoration hobby and how I got started...

As a keen cyclist, iphoneographer, husband, father and grandparent. I know first hand the sentimental value of photos. They carry the cherished memories of your travels, holidays, children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Initially I started off using my flatbed scanner and digitised all of my family photos organising them into digital folders. I then edited several and discovered the same tools can also be used to repair damaged photos and began restoring my old family photos of my ancestors from 100 years ago and beyond.

Whilst I enjoyed my own personal photo restoration as a hobby, it occurred to me that others must also have this same problem. I began telling friends and family about my interest, who in turn told others about what I could do to restore their old & faded photos and it was at that point, through word of mouth, that my interest in photo restoration began to expand and flourish. I now receive requests from many local people as well as commissions from all over the globe.

My passion for photo restoration offers you, your friends, family and loved ones the unique opportunity to reunite with familiar faces long faded, all restored to their former living glory, along with them the poignant memories.

Whether its scanning your old photo collection or restoreing a damaged photo.

Or perhaps it’s just a missing smile!

Whatever your needs, I've got you and your photos covered.

Bespoke enquiries are most welcome, please ask.

Restored photos make an ideal gift for any occasion and the joy it brings to the recipient is priceless as I have witnessed many times.

Click Here to see some example photos that I have restored

Kind Regards

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