5 Great ways to Share Your Digitised Photos with Friends and Family in 2021

Date: 19-08-21 Reading time: 00:02:51

In this article, I will talk about 5 great ways to share your digital photos in 2021, once you have all your photos digitised.

How to:

  • Print Your Photos

  • Share on Social Media

  • USB stick-thumb drive.

  • Cloud File Sharing

  • Build a Photo Portfolio Website

There are many more benefits of digitising your photo collection but these are 5 favorites.

Let’s Get Started...

Print Your Photos

All you need is a photo printer and some quality printing paper.

For my large photos up to A4 I have an (HP Deskjet 3050A) All In One inkjet printer - scanner.

I buy glossy photo paper from the supermarket or from Amazon and the prints I get from using these on my printer are very high quality.

For my small photos 6”x 4” prints I have a Canon Selphy 1300 this is a small dedicated photo printer.

With Dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing technology

The Selphy 1300 Printer produces a wonderful glossy 6" x 4" print-out with a smudge-free finish that has a protected coating that will last for 100 years.

You can't tell them from those that you would have professionally printed.

Supermarket Printing Kiosks

If you don't have a printer, you can take your photos to a supermarket

Tesco, Morrison, or Asda in the UK where I live, all do photo printing.

You take them to the store on a USB stick thumb drive or use your smartphone.

In the store, you upload them to the photo kiosk and print them out.

Sometimes you may have to wait or to call back within an hour or so to collect them, ideal if you have shopping to do.

Online Photo Printing Websites

If you don't want to use these photo kiosks, you can upload your images to an online photo printing website.

These specialised photo printing website handle everything. They will also print your photos and are able to deliver them directly to your friends and family.

Check out my other website www.digitalphotoservices.co.uk

Share Photos On Social Media

Sharing photos on Social Media is very popular, everyone is posting their photos on Facebook or Instagram. These are mainly their photos taken on their mobile smartphone. But once you have your old photos digitised you can also share them too!

USB stick or Thumb Drive.

Storing photos on a USB thumb drive is a very good option especially if you have a large photo collection.

USB sticks are particularly good for sharing photos, they are cheap to buy and easy to post.

Your family and friends will need to have a laptop or TV with a USB interface to view the content.

These days most modern flatscreen TVs have a USB interface at the rear of the TV where they can input the USB stick.

They can then view all your photo collection on the big screen using their remote control.

You can get USB sticks at your local supermarket or order online from Amazon

USB sticks come in various storage capacity sizes even 2GB or 4GB

are adequate and are an amazing amount of storage space for your photo collection.

Cloud File Sharing

This sounds complicated but is very simple, like most people these days we all use cloud services. I personally use two cloud services iCloud by Apple and Google Drive.

With these services, you add photos to a folder like you would on your local computer.

You then email your friends and family the link with permission to view your photos.

Photo Portfolio Website

One of the best ways to share digital photos is to build a website. Don’t panic this is also very simple.

I use Google Sites which has free hosting and is a simple drag and drop interface.

It has templates for you to customise.

Anyone that can use Microsoft Word documents can do this.

All you need is a Google account and Gmail.

My personal recommendation is to set up your own website to host your own photo gallery.

You can then email the link of your website to friends and family to view your Photo Portfolio Gallery online.

If all these 5 methods seem rather daunting and you need any help.

Please send me a message using the button in the banner above. All enquiries are welcome.

Thank you,

Kind Regards

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