PHOTO RESTORATION-my Hobby- my passion!

Hello, I'm Reg Button.

Let me help you Restore your Memories and Create Happiness, One Photo at a Time.

Follow my journey of my photo restoration hobby in the menu and some of my photo restorations.

And below I'll share some tips along the way to help you scan, edit, restore & improve your own photo collection.

Date: 28-08-21 Reading Time: 00:02:33

In this article, you will learn about Adobe Photoshop and what is photoshopping photos.

Date: 21-08-21 Reading Time: 00:01:36

In this article, I start by first explaining how to scan the pieces of the photo.

Ready for Repair & Restoration in Photoshop on iPad Pro

There is also a short 3.57 min video showing how it's all done.

Date: 19-08-21 Reading Time: 00:02:51

In this article, I will talk about 5 great ways to share your digital photos in 2021, once you have all your photos digitised.

Date: 14-09-21 Reading Time: 00:05:01

In this article, I will talk about what is photo restoration and how it's done, and how I prefer to do it.

Date: 09--9-21 reading time: 00:03:04

In this article, I explain how to avoid the red-eye effect when taking photos. I also show a video how I remove the red eye effect using my iPhone or ipad plus much more...