Muyunda of Blackheath Colchester wanted her mother’s wedding photo’s Restored here’s a couple of them

This photo was from the wedding photo it was from a album that she wants restored for her parents wedding anniversary, this one had little damage.



I thought this one was special so I colourised it for her as a surprise



I Restored this wedding photo

Looking at the original image you can see the face of the second man was damaged so in Photoshop I made a selection around the good eye on the left with part of his nose and cheek then copied it to a layer then flipped it and positioned it over the damaged eye I then free transformed it and with a bit of tweaking it looks great.

All that was necessary then was a little brush work and then played with the light and faded colour cast and the end result not bad, I couldn’t do much with the central light flare but it just looks like the sun shining.

I have also done a colourisation to this photo

Wedding photo,colorised